Preview for NISI MASA only.
A seven-episode multi-genre soap opera webseries by NISI MASA. The story revolves around three sisters – ZELDA, JEAN and DESDEMONA DuMarchais. Their bankrupt father has just committed suicide, leaving in his will the only thing he still owned – the two family houses. The webseries was shot during a 5-day workshop in Marseille, France in February 2013 with the support of EU Youth in Action and Council of Europe.

For password send request to lucia@nisimasa.com. All episodes are online until 8 April.

Watch it here:

Episode 1/7 – Curse on the Sisters

Rivaling sisters Zelda and Jean try to settle their differences after the funeral of their father, but only end up declaring war over the houses and the family legacy. Executing the father’s will, Paul starts work at the houses – but falls in love with Zelda – and witch sister Desdemona gets the idea to curse all of Europe…
Dir. Pierre Puget

Déjá Vu Darling 1/7 – Curse on the Sisters from NISI MASA on Vimeo.

Episode 2/7 – I Cast You Out

Scientist Patrick Swayze has created an identical twin of himself to make a reality show of the family. Paul tries to make the alcoholic Zelda notice him, but the nymphomaniac Jean surprises him in her bedroom. And who will be voted out?
Dir. Jared Fryer

Déjá Vu Darling 2/7 – I Cast You Out from NISI MASA on Vimeo.

Episode 3/7 – You will want me Paul!

Jean seduces Paul with her hypnotizing skill in order to win him over to her side. Singing sidekick Marian is depressed about Desdemona not returning his love, while Patrick Swayze experiments with a time travel potion.
Dir. Ana Álvarez-Ude Baranda

Déjá Vu Darling 3/7 – You will want me Paul! from NISI MASA on Vimeo.

Episode 4/7 – Déjà vu Naked, Zelda

Desperate Zelda accidentally drinks Patrick Swayze’s time potion and is split into two: Zelda A is in a coma, while Zelda B flashes forward and back in time. Jean finds out a horrible family secret.
Dir. Jerker Beckman

Déjá Vu Darling 4/7 – Déjà vu Naked, Zelda! from NISI MASA on Vimeo.

Episode 5/7 – Daddy, How Could You?

Hysterical Jean is trying to come to terms with Zelda’s revelation. Desdemona sets up a new curse.
Dir. Elisabeth Raymond

Déjá Vu Darling 5/7 – Daddy, how could you? from NISI MASA on Vimeo.


Episode 6/7 – Flute of Revenge

Thanks to Desdemona’s curse, Paul and Marian turn into zombies bent on killing Jean and Zelda. Patrick Swayze must decide whether he thinks the unbalanced human race is worth saving.
Dir. Paolo Iskra

Déjá Vu Darling 6/7 – The Flute of Revenge from NISI MASA on Vimeo.

Episode 7/7 – Oh Sister, Sweet Sister

Marian – partly de-zombiefied – has to remember his human side and write a song to save the day (and Europe) and counter Desdemona’s curse. Will the sisters come together in the end?

Dir. Andrada Popan Dorca

Déjá Vu Darling 7/7 – Oh Sister, Sweet Sister from NISI MASA on Vimeo.


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