Contact & Organizers

Contact and questions: hannaleena (a)

Your SOAP coordinators:

We are in Helsinki & Paris. It’s a bit of a mystery to ourselves why are we so fixated with the idea of making a film project in Marseille. But we love it! Join us!

Hannaleena Hauru, coordinator

– Dealing with true passions of a European person

During her more normal hours, Hannaleena is a director-scriptwriter based in Helsinki.

Ilja Rautsi, coordinator

– What about the mutant ants?

When Ilja’s not speaking in a funny voice, he’s a freelance writer and a film critic in Finland.

Tanja Heinänen, coordinator

– It’s not enough!

Tanja is a Finnish actress and a director. She’s also graduated as a drama instructor.


Viviana Carlet, Office Coordinator


Viviana comes from Italy and she’s also the Art Director of Lago Film Fest.

Lucia Ros Serra, Communications Assistant


Lucia likes cheesy stuff!  She’s from Spain but like Viviana, she’s living in Paris as working for NISI MASA.


NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema (founded in 2001) is a network of film associations presented currently in 26 European Countries. NISI MASA organizes international film workshops (like this SOAP one),  seminars, events, screenings, film journalism workshops (Nisimazine) and trainings for scriptwriters (European Short Pitch).

Kino Euphoria is officially presented by a Finnish Culture association called Euphoria Borealis. Euphoria is based in Helsinki, Finland, and one of the founding associations of NISI MASA. Since 2010 Euphoria has also been a part of the International Kino Movement. Kino is a movement created as a means of providing both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to create and screen their short-films. Since 2010 there’s been over 120 short films made through the Kino Euphoria workshops in Helsinki. In addition to the Kino events Euphoria organizes trainings and other kinds of film activities and projects in Finland and abroad. Euphoria Borealis also hosts the International Random Film Festival. The SOAP workshop is designed and coordinated by filmmakers Hannaleena Hauru, Ilja Rautsi and Tanja Heinänen from Kino Euphoria, Finland.

How is this project funded?

Our workshop is supported by EU Youth in Action and the Council of Europe. Go to the links if you want to find out more and maybe try to get funding for your international project.

Wanna partner up with this project?

If you feel the SOAP project could be a nice partner for your association/company/organisation/country/planet/imaginary universe, please contact hannaleena (a) Hannaleena can also guide you if you’re interesed in the activities of NISI MASA or Kino Euphoria.


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