Núria Guardia

nuriaMy name is Núria and I’m 23 years old. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, but I’ve lived in Barcelona since I was a child, because my mother is catalan.
I’ve studied art direction for cinema in ESCAC (the cinema school of Catalunya) and now I want to make an specialization in art direction for fashion, because I’m interested in dress design and stylism too.
When I finished my studies, I created a little brand of vintage fashion that is now in a shop. I also started to write a blog called Simple (bcn), about vintage fashion in Barcelona, and thanks to that I’m now making an internship in a magazine.
About my interests, I love cinema (that it’s pretty obvious) travel, and gastronomy (Barcelona is a good place for sybarites like me).  I’ve played volleyball during 14 years in the Barça team, so I’m really into sports too.
In conclusion, I am a quite normal person, who is interested in culture, cinema and fashion and loves to learn and try to be better.

Mia Bogovac

mia bogovac

Born in Zagreb 25 years ago. Graduated in Industrial Design at School of Design, Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Started a product design brand Manufakturist with 4 friends. Currently working on new products and simultaneously developing scenography for films. While studying, gained some knowledge on film, video and photography, which come in handy in set design.

I try to apply what I have learned from collaboration with designers, clients and manufacturers, onto helping create vivid and memorable stories.