Tanja Heinänen

DSC_0055Tanja Heinänen (born 1978) is a Finnish actress and drama instructor. She gratuated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2009 and has since worked  in numerous theatrical and film productions – her  latest work was an hour long monologue ”The Nose”, based on Gogol’s original text. Tanja has a loving relationship with dramaturgy, photography, singing , cooking and zumba.


Ilja Rautsi

IMG_8564Ilja Rautsi is 33, hails from Finland and does not worship Satan in his spare time. Ilja has written and sometimes directed or acted in several short films. When not providing plot outlines for bizarre soap opera workshops, he’s finishing his Master’s Degree in screenwriting at the ELO Helsinki Film School. Ilja also makes a living as a film critic, and is currently in post production on a feature documentary, to be released in 2013.

Hannaleena Hauru

hannaleena_hauruI’m Hannaleena, a filmmaker and a producer from Finland. I’ve been involved in many of NISI MASA’s projects and workshops – and have to admit that this SOAP one is most likely the most bizarre that there’s been – and I love to be part of it.

Outside of sending and reading hundreds of emails and coordinating international filmworkshops I still try to be a filmmaker. This year (2013) I’ll be writing my first feature film and taking part in Torino Film Lab’s Script&Pitch training.  Sometimes I still make short films as well. Usually Tanja and Ilja appear in them.

I’ve graduated as a scriptwriter/director from ELO Helsinki Film School (MA) in 2011 and as a producer from Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2007. I’m born in 1983, in April I’ll be 30 – I think I’ll organize some sort of costume party – maybe with the theme of “dress into your biggest fear”.

Homepage: Hannaleena.com

Kateryna Zinovieva

katya-soapI born and raised in the journalistic family, so hadn’t any possibility to become a person with normal profession like a doctor or an astronaut. So I became a film critic. Now I combine many jobs at one time – I work as a publishing editor at the biggest Ukrainian cinema web-site kino-teatr.ua, also I work as a head of press-office in CinemaHall and Kinolife and as a fixer (producer) for some foreign journalists, who come to Ukraine for filming. But as a film critic I saw a lot of awful and fabulous movies and decided to create something own based on my spectator’s experience. Now I’m writing the fourth one screenplay, which must be my directorial debut. My goal is finding the golden mean between mainstream and art-house in cinema. However, I just do the things I love and love the things I do. And that’s why I can call myself a happy person.

Vasyl Malko

Vasyl_Malko_photoI was born in Kiev. My filmmaker career starts from TV station. Once I helped my friend at a film set and realized that filmmaking is what I want to do. After this I worked as unit production manager and production manager in feature movies and TV series for 5 years.

Few years ago I studied at Andrzej Wajda Film School at creative producers course and I got a scholarship from Minister of Culture of Poland.

I’ve worked as independent producer for 2 years with documentary projects and I produced short fiction movie as well.