Elisabeth Raymond

Elisabeth Raymond


Pierre Puget

Pierre PugetPierre Puget is a 31 years old French director.

He studied cinema in Belgium (IAD) and wrote and directed two short movies, now writing the third. True european, he works beetween France and Brussels for television, conceiving opening titles and fun pieces for numerous shows.

Fascinated with storytelling, tv series enthousiast, he also loves playing with special effects and new technologies (3D, interactive media, CGI). He also is a decent editor on Final Cut Pro.

He enjoys traveling, speaking english, playing video games and cooking.


Always ready for challenges all over the world, he’s up for brainstorming original ideas and working for new projects.

Andrada Popan Dorca

andrada-popan-dorcaWho am I?
A Romanian filmmaker who graduated in Romania with a degree in Film and Television. Soon after, I went to South Korea as an exchange student, where I spent a semester as part of the the Communication Department of Seoul National University. I am soon to graduate the MA  Television Documentary Production programme of  University of Salford, UK.
Three of my short films have been awarded five prizes in film festivals and student competitions.  The short documentary “The Merry Cemetery” was part of the official selection of Discovery Documentary Short Films Competition (Mediaschool 2008, Poland). One of my recent notable achievements is a documentary film project set in Vietnam that won a One World Media Student Funding bursary. The film is now is in the post-production stage.
Other workshops I’ve participated in have been the Aristoteles Workshops 2010, the One World Media Workshop 2011, the KODAK Workshop Film ”No Compromise” 2010, and the KODAK Workshop “Stop by. Shoot film”, 2008.

Jared Fryer



Jared Fryer is a London-based writer/director. As a young child, he saw a theatre production of the Wizard of Oz and was astonished to find that at the end of the play the Wicked Witch of the West came and talked to audience members without doing them harm. From that day forward, Jared was fascinated by the power of spectacle in storytelling. While attending high school in California, he began to write and direct his own plays, which culminated in winning a state-wide competition at the Lenaea Festival. Jared then dipped his feet in the Los Angeles film business during his time at UCLA, but decided shortly after graduation to return to Europe from whence he came. He then worked for several years as a freelancer in London doing everything from producing to lighting to art department. Armed with this experience and the support of the Roundhouse arts organisation, Jared launched his career as a writer and director of narrative films.

Jerker Beckman

JerkerBeckmanPlaywright and filmmaker, studying at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. I’ve made a bunch of films and written many scripts for film and theatre. Of late I’ve become a bit of a workshop junkie, travelling around Europe taking part in crazy projects, which has brought me all over the continent. I’ve spent amounts of filmmaking time in Finland, Greece, Austria and France, as well as making pitstops in Germany, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. My latest play was written for a troupe in Virginia, USA, and my latest film just premiered at the Gothenburg International Film Festival.

Ana Álvarez-Ude Baranda

ana-fotonisimasaAna Álvarez-Ude (1985, Spain). With the purpose in mind of making the world a better place she started studying Political Science in 2008. A not-so-fast thinker, she realized her mistake a year later and changed studies to Audiovisual Communications in Madrid. Although she has been writing small stories and scripts since she read her first book, it was there where she decided to be a script-writer. From that moment she started writing and directing small comedy short films and sketches, some in collaboration with the theater group of the Technical University of Valencia. Unfortunately for her she had to act in some of them, which helped her to overcome her shyness while creating a small fear of being in front of a camera. Of course she knows a camera cannot steal your soul but what’s so bad about being cautious anyway?

She has taken radio and script-writing courses and she‘s now doubting between taking a masters degree or just make her own projects and see what happens.