Dinka Vuković

dinkaMy name is Dinka Vuković. I was born in Zagreb- 23.03.1987 – that makes me an Aries – but I’m not sure I make a good one. I lived in Croatia until 1997, and then moved around for a while. First Rabat, Morocco: attended the Rabat American School. In 2000 – Rome – the first year – Marymount International School, then an Italian high school- Liceo Gaetano De Sanctis. In 2004 I moved back to Zagreb, in 2005 graduated– tried out for the Academy but was not accepted so I enrolled at the University of Philosophy of Jesuits to study philosophy and a religious study – which is quite logical, if not acting, choose philosophy, right? In 2007 I finally enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts of Zagreb and in 2012 completed the M.A. program in acting. Since I can remember I loved acting – but never knew how to explain precisely why. I had many interests – from history to long distance running – but none of them stuck to me as much as acting. It was never a fatal thing – acting or nothing else – but it was just there, and not going away like the other interest. So here I am- now a bit about work (favorite projects):

-2009, “How the other half loves“ Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Damir Munitić, Vidra theater;  participated at the K.R.A.D.U. festival and the second International Festival of Drama Schools in Kiev.

-2010  “Koko in Paris” by Ivica Boban in the Zagreb Youth Theatre

-2012” La Cité du solei” Marc Sollogoub, Festival Est- Ouest

-“Just, no emotions”, Ivica Boban CKT

– various short films:

-2011 “Irrelevant” Josip Žuvan,

-2012 “Roundabout” Dalija Dozet,

-2012 „Captain and the Audition“ Zvonimir Jurić and  Atonio Nuić.

That’s all, I think.


Marina Stanger

Marina StangerMy name is Marina Stanger and I’m from small city located on the  coast of Croatia. I’m 29 years old, and currently a second year student of postgraduate program for Acting, media and culture studies lead by actor Rade Šerbedžija. Before that, I graduated at University of tourism and hospitality management, which I finished because of my family business (tourism), but years passed by and I realized that I cannot escape from my primar love – which was acting. I was lucky, I enrolled in the Postgraduate study for acting, media and culture in Rijeka, where I’m currently finishing third semester (out of 4) and finally I’m just there where I supposed to be. Beside that, I enjoy dance, working out, writing, I was a model for 3 years  and ocasionally I’m still doing it for fun and extra money. But acting is what I know I will do for the rest of my life, theatre or movies (even I preffer movies) it doesn’t matter, since that’s where I see myself  in. Some of the work I did:


IMPIUS, lead, CDN (dir. Yasir Syed)

OKTOLOG, principal, Acting, media and culture studies (dir. Karpo Godina)

CAROLIN, principal, Independent (dir. Karlo Dragan Dosen)

SOUS UN AUTRE JOUR, featured, Arte France (dir. Alain Tasma)

VILLA MARIA, extra, AVA (dir. Roman Majetić)



UNCLE VANYA, Sonya, Acting, media and culture studies (dir. Rade Serbedzija)

THE BIRDS, bird/godess Irida, Acting, media and culture studies (dir. Rade Serbedzija)

MOTHER COURAGE, ansemble, 24th Festival of Young European Theatre in Grenoble

THE DOLLS, ansemble, dancer’s group „Flame“


Gabriel Sandu

garbiel-sanduGabriel Sandu is a romanian actor and performer. He started acting when he was 12, making
his first commercial and then took proffesional classes during the high school, winning awards
at theater festival (such a Excellence Award for Achievment a Dramatic Monolog at MediaArt
Festival 2007). In 2010 he finished his university theater studies, running both national and
international schools (such as International School for Theater Students, Egypt 2009).
He played in more than 30 independent short movies, also around 30 commercials, 2 feauture
movies and some music videos.
Got selected to represent Romania in different ocassions.
In may 2013 he was selected at the National Theater of Brussels, Belgium with french director
Armel Roussel.
In the last two years he got involved in musical training, taking singing lessons.

Tristan Pelissier

Tristan Pelissier - PortraitI’m born in Paris 27 years ago.
I’ve directed a lot of short movies for competitions, ad contests and
a short long one for festivals. I played in many of them.
I’ve done 3 years in Cours Florent for development actor skills.
I go off the school with a theatre comedy of Eugene Labiche and with
my troup we spent 4 month playing in a theater in Paris, ending in january.

Sergio Vega

sergio vega

“Sergio Vega is an actor, Bachelor in Textual Interpretation at the Superior School of Dramatic Arts of Malaga and improve his academic training with masters José Piris, Esperanza Abad, Ernesto Caballero or Julio Fraga.

His experience working in theatre is compound by different roles played in TRASTO TEATRO Company, which Show “Chickpea Counter” which goes on tour in Spain, Argentine and Sweeden. Other highlights are starring roles in BAJOTIERRA productions as “The Maids” and “Mary Stuart”. Finally become part of LACALDERA and produce the award winning show Sergi Belbel’s “I am ugly. An Unsightly Musical”, “Alejandra” and “Fishes, The human side

Working Audiovisual aids involves roles directed by Jota Linares, Biktor Kero,Luigi R. P, Emmanuel Granados, James Z, 99 páginas.”