Hannaleena Hauru

hannaleena_hauruI’m Hannaleena, a filmmaker and a producer from Finland. I’ve been involved in many of NISI MASA’s projects and workshops – and have to admit that this SOAP one is most likely the most bizarre that there’s been – and I love to be part of it.

Outside of sending and reading hundreds of emails and coordinating international filmworkshops I still try to be a filmmaker. This year (2013) I’ll be writing my first feature film and taking part in Torino Film Lab’s Script&Pitch training.  Sometimes I still make short films as well. Usually Tanja and Ilja appear in them.

I’ve graduated as a scriptwriter/director from ELO Helsinki Film School (MA) in 2011 and as a producer from Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2007. I’m born in 1983, in April I’ll be 30 – I think I’ll organize some sort of costume party – maybe with the theme of “dress into your biggest fear”.

Homepage: Hannaleena.com

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