Déjà Vu Darling is a seven-episode multi-genre soap opera. The story revolves around three sisters – ZELDA, JEAN and DESDEMONA DuMarchais. Their bankrupt father has just committed suicide, leaving in his will the only thing he still owned – the two family houses, called BEACH HOUSE and POOL HOUSE.

The alcoholic and bitter Zelda (Dinka Vukovic) got the Pool House, despite dreaming all her life about moving into the Beach House. She wants to have both of the houses, because she’s the firstborn. She’s a bit clever and thinks she’s like a female Oscar Wilde, but actually she’s just drunk.

The nymphomaniac Jean (Marina Stanger) got the Beach House, despite hating sand and the ocean. She wants the family fortune back, to return to high society. She can hypnotize people and she can’t stand to hear the word “sand”

Desdemona (Raluca Uzunov), who’s a witch, got nothing. She’s bitter and has been slowly eroding the European economy to destroy the world. She started off small with Iceland and got done with Greece, now she’s planning to hit a big curse over all of Europe.

Desdemona lives in both houses, appearing at will. Zelda and Jean don’t know or don’t want to know about her evil plans.

Desdemona’s helper is MARIAN (Gabriel Sandu), a super optimistic songwriter who’s hopelessly in love with her, refusing to see anything bad in anything she does. He can find the positive and life affirming even in murdering children, if Desdemona does it – the he writes a song about it.

Living in the Beach House with Jean is PATRICK SWAYZE (Sergio Vega), who’s not Patrick Swayze the deceased actor, but secretly an alien scientist from another planet, who really, really liked the name, and the film Dirty Dancing. He doesn’t understand the differences between Europe, USA, or Asia, and thinks this name will help him blend in. Patrick Swayze has no sexual organs or desires, which frustrates Jean to no end. He’s just invented a time travel potion, but it’s not stable yet.

The series begins after the father’s funeral, when PAUL (Tristan Pelissier) starts working as a janitor for both houses. Paul is so stupid he thinks he’s actually clever, and also fancies himself to be a movie star in the making, assuming heroic poses for no reason when his inner soundtrack tells him to. He has a habit of talking about himself in the third person, like “Paul wouldn’t do that”, like he’s directing himself all the time in a film.

And somewhere in the houses live three TEDDY BEAR MEN, with bear heads and human bodies. They come out at night and ask philosophical questions. They are the sisters’ childhood fears, come to life. They move like in a dream underwater and start, continue and finish each other’s sentences – Bear 1: “Come–“ Bear 2: –out to–“ Bear 3: “–play!”

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