Sergio Vega

sergio vega

“Sergio Vega is an actor, Bachelor in Textual Interpretation at the Superior School of Dramatic Arts of Malaga and improve his academic training with masters José Piris, Esperanza Abad, Ernesto Caballero or Julio Fraga.

His experience working in theatre is compound by different roles played in TRASTO TEATRO Company, which Show “Chickpea Counter” which goes on tour in Spain, Argentine and Sweeden. Other highlights are starring roles in BAJOTIERRA productions as “The Maids” and “Mary Stuart”. Finally become part of LACALDERA and produce the award winning show Sergi Belbel’s “I am ugly. An Unsightly Musical”, “Alejandra” and “Fishes, The human side

Working Audiovisual aids involves roles directed by Jota Linares, Biktor Kero,Luigi R. P, Emmanuel Granados, James Z, 99 páginas.”


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