Núria Guardia

nuriaMy name is Núria and I’m 23 years old. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, but I’ve lived in Barcelona since I was a child, because my mother is catalan.
I’ve studied art direction for cinema in ESCAC (the cinema school of Catalunya) and now I want to make an specialization in art direction for fashion, because I’m interested in dress design and stylism too.
When I finished my studies, I created a little brand of vintage fashion that is now in a shop. I also started to write a blog called Simple (bcn), about vintage fashion in Barcelona, and thanks to that I’m now making an internship in a magazine.
About my interests, I love cinema (that it’s pretty obvious) travel, and gastronomy (Barcelona is a good place for sybarites like me).  I’ve played volleyball during 14 years in the Barça team, so I’m really into sports too.
In conclusion, I am a quite normal person, who is interested in culture, cinema and fashion and loves to learn and try to be better.

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