Jared Fryer



Jared Fryer is a London-based writer/director. As a young child, he saw a theatre production of the Wizard of Oz and was astonished to find that at the end of the play the Wicked Witch of the West came and talked to audience members without doing them harm. From that day forward, Jared was fascinated by the power of spectacle in storytelling. While attending high school in California, he began to write and direct his own plays, which culminated in winning a state-wide competition at the Lenaea Festival. Jared then dipped his feet in the Los Angeles film business during his time at UCLA, but decided shortly after graduation to return to Europe from whence he came. He then worked for several years as a freelancer in London doing everything from producing to lighting to art department. Armed with this experience and the support of the Roundhouse arts organisation, Jared launched his career as a writer and director of narrative films.


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