Dinka Vuković

dinkaMy name is Dinka Vuković. I was born in Zagreb- 23.03.1987 – that makes me an Aries – but I’m not sure I make a good one. I lived in Croatia until 1997, and then moved around for a while. First Rabat, Morocco: attended the Rabat American School. In 2000 – Rome – the first year – Marymount International School, then an Italian high school- Liceo Gaetano De Sanctis. In 2004 I moved back to Zagreb, in 2005 graduated– tried out for the Academy but was not accepted so I enrolled at the University of Philosophy of Jesuits to study philosophy and a religious study – which is quite logical, if not acting, choose philosophy, right? In 2007 I finally enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts of Zagreb and in 2012 completed the M.A. program in acting. Since I can remember I loved acting – but never knew how to explain precisely why. I had many interests – from history to long distance running – but none of them stuck to me as much as acting. It was never a fatal thing – acting or nothing else – but it was just there, and not going away like the other interest. So here I am- now a bit about work (favorite projects):

-2009, “How the other half loves“ Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Damir Munitić, Vidra theater;  participated at the K.R.A.D.U. festival and the second International Festival of Drama Schools in Kiev.

-2010  “Koko in Paris” by Ivica Boban in the Zagreb Youth Theatre

-2012” La Cité du solei” Marc Sollogoub, Festival Est- Ouest

-“Just, no emotions”, Ivica Boban CKT

– various short films:

-2011 “Irrelevant” Josip Žuvan,

-2012 “Roundabout” Dalija Dozet,

-2012 „Captain and the Audition“ Zvonimir Jurić and  Atonio Nuić.

That’s all, I think.


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