Andrada Popan Dorca

andrada-popan-dorcaWho am I?
A Romanian filmmaker who graduated in Romania with a degree in Film and Television. Soon after, I went to South Korea as an exchange student, where I spent a semester as part of the the Communication Department of Seoul National University. I am soon to graduate the MA  Television Documentary Production programme of  University of Salford, UK.
Three of my short films have been awarded five prizes in film festivals and student competitions.  The short documentary “The Merry Cemetery” was part of the official selection of Discovery Documentary Short Films Competition (Mediaschool 2008, Poland). One of my recent notable achievements is a documentary film project set in Vietnam that won a One World Media Student Funding bursary. The film is now is in the post-production stage.
Other workshops I’ve participated in have been the Aristoteles Workshops 2010, the One World Media Workshop 2011, the KODAK Workshop Film ”No Compromise” 2010, and the KODAK Workshop “Stop by. Shoot film”, 2008.

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