Ana Álvarez-Ude Baranda

ana-fotonisimasaAna Álvarez-Ude (1985, Spain). With the purpose in mind of making the world a better place she started studying Political Science in 2008. A not-so-fast thinker, she realized her mistake a year later and changed studies to Audiovisual Communications in Madrid. Although she has been writing small stories and scripts since she read her first book, it was there where she decided to be a script-writer. From that moment she started writing and directing small comedy short films and sketches, some in collaboration with the theater group of the Technical University of Valencia. Unfortunately for her she had to act in some of them, which helped her to overcome her shyness while creating a small fear of being in front of a camera. Of course she knows a camera cannot steal your soul but what’s so bad about being cautious anyway?

She has taken radio and script-writing courses and she‘s now doubting between taking a masters degree or just make her own projects and see what happens.


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