Apply as composer/designer/DOP/production

Join us for a 5-day workshop. Let’s make  a 7-episode unconventional Soap opera series in Marseille!

These are the application instructions for the following wanted crew members

  • 1 composer
  • 1-2 costume designer
  • 2 cinematographers
  • 1-2 set designers/visualists
  • 4-6 crew members with one or more of the following interests: (production/sound/assistant directing/light/make up)

We’re looking for crew members who are interesed in giving their personal creative vision for seven episodes of a webseries based on  renewing the tradition on a “TV soap opera”. We are not prisoned by any censorship regarding style or imagination, so we hope you’d take part by contributing your wildest/funniest/completely insane ideas. To apply please fill out the application form.

Please note that although we invite you present also your most expensive ideas for the workshop, we will be working with a limited budget for the shooting costs – despite of collaborating with the Nobel Awarded European Union and the Prestigious Council of Europe.

The selection committee will base the evaluation of the candidates on:

  • the quality and development of ideas, style and methods proposed for the workshop
  • the motivation to take part in the project –
  • suitability to attend an intensive 5-day workshop based on collaborative filmmaking
  • skills and creativity and the cogency of the sample work

Application form:

Fill the online form below or open it in a new window


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