Apply as an actress/actor

We’re seeking 7 actors to be the cast for an unconvetional soap opera series, to be shot in 5 days in Marseille, February 2013. (The general info about the project here).

To apply as an actor/actress you’ll have to  do the following:

  • create a character and make a 1 minute presentation video of him/her/it.
  • upload the video online
  • fill out the application form for actors/actresses

Creating a character and the presentation video


Create a character you really want to play, the role of your dreams. Shoot a video in which you speak one of the given monologues (below) in this character. The emphasis is on acting and especially on emotional expression. The monologue should be max 1 minute long. Be aware that your character will be the basis for your work in the workshop if you are selected.


For making your video please use one of the following monologue texts provided here.

The monologues are snippets from Anton Chekov’s play ”The Seagull”. The character speaking is an actress who has returned after a few years to the home of her ex-partner, a writer. She tells him now how she spent the years away from him. The other person mentioned in the texts is her former lover, who once took the place of the writer boyfriend she’s now talking to. Note that you don’t have to use this psychological mind frame, unless you find it interesting or useful.

Here are the monologues, choose one and base your video on it:

1. Why do you say you kiss the ground I walk on? I ought to be killed. I’m so tired! If I could only rest… rest. I am the seagull… No, that’s not it. It doesn’t matter. So he’s here, too! It doesn’t matter! He didn’t believe in my passion, he laughed at my dreams, and little by little, I stopped believing myself. I lost heart. And always the strains of love, jealousy, constant fear for the child…I became trivial, and commonplace… I didn’t know what to do with my hands, I couldn’t move properly, or control my voice. You can’t imagine what it’s like. I am a seagull.

2. Do you remember the seagull you shot? You left it at my feet, he came to me and said, “I had an idea. A subject for a short story. A girl, like yourself, lives all her life on the shores of a lake. She loves the lake, like a seagull… But a man comes along, by chance, and, because he has nothing better to do, destroys her…” When you see him, don’t tell him anything… I do love him, yes, I love him more than ever… “By chance. A subject for a short story.” How sweet it used to be! Remember? How bright, and warm, how joyous and pure our lives were! And the feelings we had for each other were like fine, delicate flowers! Do you remember?

3. What was I talking about, before? I – it doesn’t matter. Ever since I got here, I’ve been walking around, walking around and thinking, thinking and even believing that my soul grows stronger every day. Now I see at last, that in our kind of work, no matter what we do for a living, the important thing is not fame, or glory, not what I used to dream about, but learning how to endure. I must bear my cross, and have faith. If I have faith, it doesn’t hurt so much, and when I think of my calling I’m not afraid of life.

Tips for your character

You can choose your gender and sexuality, even your character’s species (you can be a cat, a mutant ant monster as well as a manipulating teenage mother or the Brooklyn bridge – anything), so you may replace the ”hes” and the ”shes” etc. in the monologues. We also invite you to introduce characters from any Film or TV genre. Just take care that your character is adaptable to the frames of a series that plays with the conventions of a soap opera.

If you need help with creating a character or adapting genres to it:

Things we’re interested in seeing in your 1 min character presentation video:

– how does your character talk and move, how does he/she/it look like in general

– how does your character express different emotions: Anger, Fear, Disgust, Happiness, Sadness, Contempt, Surprise…

– what are the virtues and flaws of your character? (Tip:

You may use effects, music, additional techical help or anything you want in your presentation video, but we are not evaluating your techincal video skills in the selection: this is about acting. All we need techically is that your video is viewable and presenting your acting skills in the best possible way.

Please remember to do your video in English, as it is the shooting and working language for the workshop. And to repeat: indeed this is the chance for you to play the character you’ve always wanted!

Selection procedure

Seven applicants will be chosen. We base our selections on the three following points:

1. Motivation: Effort given in creating the character, passion for the work.

2. Skills and creativity: The creativity in character realization combined with the ability to express varied emotions.

3. Suitability: Essentially we’re looking for a well functioning group of people and an interesting range of dramatic elements in the created characters that will feed one another.

Deadline to deliver all materials: 20 December 2012

Fill out the online application form:

You may use the form below, or open the form in a new window.


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