Meet the team


From the 19th to the 23th of February, NISI MASA hosted SOAP! film workshop in Marseille, where a team of 26 participants created a 7-episode webseries based on the tv soap opera tecniques.

During the workshop  a 7 x 10 minute webseries was created by mixing the conventions of a TV SOAP OPERA to different film genres and to deal with European topics.

The project is based on collective and practical filmmaking – and supporting creativity and expressions free from borders. This is a non-commercial project organized by NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema in association with Kino Euphoria and supported by The Council of Europe and EU Youth in Action.


Ana Álvarez-Ude Baranda (Spain)
Jerker Beckman (Sweden)
Jared Fryer (UK)
Paolo Iskra (Sweden)
Andrada Popan Dorca (Romania)
Pierre Puget (France)
Elisabeth Raymond (Sweden)


Mattias Hagegård (Sweden)


Tristan Pelissier (France)
Gabriel Sandu (Romania)
Marina Stanger (Croatia)
Raluca Uzunov (Romania)
Sergio Vega (Spain)
Dinka Vuković (Croatia)


Mia Bogovac (Croatia)
Núria Guardia (Spain)


Gina Ferrer (Spain)
Kristina Lizogub (Ukraine)
Marton Lorand (Romania)


Tena Bosnjakovic (Croatia)
Fruzsi Jesse (Hungary)
Vasyl Malko (Ukraine)
Felix Zilles-Perels (France)
Kateryna Zinovieva (Ukraine)


Hannaleena Hauru (Finland)
Tanja Heinänen (Finland)
Ilja Rautsi (Finland)
Viviana Carlet (France)


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